Friday, March 11, 2005

Farrago (new release edition)

A few press release-y items of interest:

IDW Publishing is pushing the May release of The Unauthorized Puffed Movie Adaptation, collecting John Layman and Dave Crosland's Puffed and Stay Puffed miniseries, previously published by Image Comics.

The original story is expanded in "director's cut" fashion with additional scenes. There's also a new story, "Mo' Puffed," as well as a pinup and cover gallery featuring work by John Cassaday, Sam Kieth, Jim Mahfood, Frank Quitely, Ashley Wood and others.

The collection retails for $16.99, and includes 132 black and white pages.

Speaking of miniseries originally published by Image but now collected by IDW: In his forum, Sword of Dracula creator Jason Henderson announced the series will return in full color this summer, but under the Digital Webbing umbrella instead of Image.

And, finally, Digital Manga Publishing has announced the late summer and fall release of seven new titles, including five for its yaoi line: Twilight of the Dark Master (horror; August); Let's Draw Manga -- Bodies and Emotion (instructional; August); Jazz Vol. 1 (yaoi; October); Our Everlasting (yaoi; October); La Esperanca Vol. 1 (yaoi; October); Kimi Shiruya -- Dost Thou Know? (yaoi; November); and Beyond My Touch (yaoi; December).