Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Some items of note from this, the comics Internet:

Canada's Exclaim! speaks with Dead@17 creator Josh Howard, who's a little tired of the Buffy comparisons: "I get the Buffy thing a lot, and frankly, it's very frustrating. I've never seen, read, or know anything about it. The themes of destiny and the mentor relationship are prevalent in hundreds of other stories, like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix -- stories going all the way back through time."

Not even the mighty New York Times can resist a "Pow!" headline. Today, it appears over an article about the fashion industry's fascination with Sin City: "I really love graphic novels," designer Isaac Mizrahi said. "There is no pause between the action. The framework of boxes dictates that something has to happen in that box, unlike a different type of writing, like a novel, where the action takes place over a long course of time. I'm not addicted to story. I like things to happen in beats."

IGN.com chats with Josh Fialkov, publisher of Western Tales of Terror and writer of Elk's Run: "Well, we're actually full up in the 'non-pro' submissions category. We'd have to make it to issue 30 something, at this point to use them all. If you've got an indie book out and would like to be in the book, you can contact us on our message board, or via our website. We're really making a point to be sort of a hub where we hook artists and writers up and let them go out and make good on their talent, so we're constantly looking for new people to help hook up with others."

In the blogosphere, Franklin Harris announces that Franklin's Findings is going on an indefinite hiatus because of changes at work. Meanwhile, Sean Collins resurrects ADDTF.