Monday, December 15, 2003

March solicitations: DC Comics' March solicitations are up, a few hours ahead of the midnight embargo for "news" sites (as usual). Here are a few titles that caught my eye:

"Gotham Central" #17: Greg Scott ("Sword of Dracula," "Strange Magic") continues to fill in for Michael Lark as Gotham deals with the aftermath of the "Soft Targets" storyline.

"DC: The New Frontier" #3: More of Darwyn Cooke's take on DC's Silver Age heroes (this time, the Challengers of the Unknown).

"Swamp Thing" #1: Andy Diggle ("The Losers") takes a crack at the elemental in the first issue of the new ongoing series. I like Diggle's writing, so I'll give this a shot.

"The Losers" #10: Speaking of Diggle ... I love this series.

"Hellblazer" #194: I just recently got back into this series, thanks to some not-so-gentle prodding from Rick Geerling. I'm glad I did.

"Midnight, Mass: Here There Be Monsters" #3: I missed the first series, but the second looks like a fun read. Plus, I love Tomer Hanuka's cover art.

"Planetary" #19: Never a disappointment, and well worth the wait.