Friday, December 12, 2003

Old Young One (No. That's not it ...): Newsarama talks to Rob Worley about the poorly named "Young Ancient One," now part of the ill-fated "Epic Anthology":

"If you’re still unsure what YAO is all about, imagine an action-packed kung fu movie. And Jackie Chan."

Sweet Jesus, no. I have a soft spot for Dr. Strange (though I'm no NeilAlien). Hell, during one sleepless and obsessive night, I even came up with three years' worth of Dr. Strange story ideas (just in case I'd ever get the call). But the kung-fu adventures of a Young Ancient One -- isn't that like jumbo shrimp, or Giant-Size Ant Man? -- just never crossed my mind. Probably with good reason.

Still, I wish Worley & Co. luck. And that brings me to this comment by a Newsarama reader: "Sounds good to me, but I regret that some good stories end drowned in the Epic anthology while they could stand on their own. Maybe I will wait for the trade... if any Epic merchandise ever comes up..." (Emphasis added.)

Bulletin to Newsarama poster: There isn't going to be a trade. Hell, they'll be lucky if there's an "Epic Anthology" #2. The wait-for-the-trade mentality is only going to seal the fates of the three stories involved. If you're interested in "Young Ancient One," buy the damn book. It's $5.99 for 72 pages, a pretty good price by American comics standards. Skip "Superman/Batman" and "Emma Frost" this month and squirrel that money away for the anthology. Seriously.