Wednesday, January 28, 2004

"... Breeding lilacs out of the dead land": Graeme had the skinny yesterday on Marvel solicitations, but now the official April offerings, complete with cover images, are posted for our viewing pleasure. Graeme has already commented on some of the books, but I don't have anything better to write about:

The House of 1,000 Corpses -- I mean, House of Ideas -- reanimates Fantastic Four #1, with new dialogue by Sean McKeever and art by Makato Nakatsuka, as the classic tale joins the ranks of Marvel Age.

The Marvel Knights realignment begins with the debuts of Joe Quesada's Daredevil: Father miniseries and Millar and Dodson's "action-packed, hyper-realistic" Spider-Man. In Marvel Knights' 4, Marvel's First Family goes camping! And in Elektra, our heroine finally comes to terms with her death and resurrection. Sure, it's taken her 35 issues, but, hey, she's been busy.

Meanwhile, in the X-universe, it's Chuck Austen Month: Five, count 'em, five X-books, including a cringing two-issue fill-in on New X-Men.

And, finally, we bid farewell to two titles: Human Torch and X-Treme X-Men.