Sunday, January 25, 2004

A Knight's tale: At The X-Axis, Paul O'Brien gazes into his crystal ball to see the future of Wolverine and the other Marvel Knights transplants:

"This title is shortly to be reassigned to the Marvel Knights imprint. As we all know, Marvel Knights is the imprint for edgy, new comics aimed at the more mature reader. This is why it's being dumped with four existing comics which won't be changing their style at all, and if anything will be watering themselves down by starting their Marvel Knights runs with conventional tie-ins to continuity.

"Wolverine will be fighting Sabretooth and doing something connected to Weapon X! Talk about edgy! Meanwhile, X-Statix will fight the Avengers, in a riff on the Avengers/Defenders War. God knows nothing says "edgy" like a riff on a hugely overrated superhero crossover from a quarter of a century ago. It's the future!"