Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The unfunnies: Last week, SBC's "Zach S." conducted a fictional interview with comics writer Geoff Johns. This week, he moves on to ... a fictional interview with Rose and Thorn artist Adriana Melo?

Zack S.: "... Speaking of hotness, I’ve talked to some female comic readers and they’re of the opinion that you cater too much to “The Man.” How do you respond to that?"

Fictional Melo: "Again, I’m afraid I don’t understand. Who is 'The Man?'"

Zack S.: "Okay, what they mean by that is you draw your women rather, how do I say this, incredibly busty."

Fictional Melo: "Oh. It sells. People buy comics in the same way they buy anything else, with their crouch. Characters in comics should be beautiful, it’s fantasy."

Zack S.: "Yes, I understand that, but at the same time many people feel that you represent women as nothing but sex objects."

Fictional Melo: "Well, I don’t. I am a woman, so I am in a better position to judge whether or not I am drawing with any misogyny."

Zack S.: "So, you don’t feel like you’re setting a bad example for other girls who want to be comic book artists?"

And the laughs continue ...