Sunday, February 08, 2004

Julius Schwartz, 1915-2004: On his blog, Mark Evanier sadly reports the passing early this morning of legendary editor Julius Schwartz:

"Julie died this morning at Winthrop Hospital in New York -- around 2:30 AM. It was not a surprise and it was one of those deaths that, and everyone reading this will understand what I mean by this, provides a certain amount of relief. He had been in terrible shape the last few weeks. His hearing was almost gone and I had to shout to be heard in our last phone conversation. He had been proud and fiercely independent in his apartment but he had begun falling down and had come to the very sad realization that he could no longer live alone. He'd been in and out of Winthrop, staying with his granddaughter during the 'out' parts, and plans were underway to move him to a senior home. The last thing I said to him about a week ago was to promise, because he was afraid he'd never see his friends again, that I'd round up half the comic book biz and come see him in his new digs."