Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Political rampage: I may be intruding on Graeme's territory, but I don't think he visits the Digital Webbing forums. In any case, a forum member criticizes Micah Wright's depiction of the fictional president in Coup D'Etat -- StormWatch: Team Achilles -- particularly, the dialogue:

"'Because they're EVIL! The think just because they can fly and laserify things with their eyeballs, they can get away with this kind of power usurpatude. But they're wrong! And America will show them wronger still!'

"... No President has ever nor will ever be elected speaking like that. Worse yet is the follow up dig by another character in the book:

"'Laserify? Usurpatude? Wronger? Since when is English as a first language not a requirement to be president?'

"That was the best you could do? #1 the president, in fact NO president has ever been that stupid. #2 the president is elected, so that means a majority voted for the man, if the man is that stupid you only have your selves to blame, and there have been worse presidents then bush so don't put it off on Republicans.

"I think it's sloppy. I know the writer doesn't like the war, so why not say so? Why not have the fictitional president argue FOR the war in the book in his own way, but as intelligently as he would in real life... THEN have the character show him why he's wrong? So far, all I'm reading is a bunch of whining saying war is bad but no one shows us another way. Why? Maybe because that would require real creativity and originality?"

Wright responds in kind:

"Oh? Really? Here are a few choice quotes from George W. Bush Junior, current President of these United States:

"1. We're in for a long struggle, and I think Texans understand that. And so do Americans.
2. Sometimes when I sleep at night I think of 'Hop on Pop'.
3. I promise you I will listen to what has been said here, even though I wasn't here.
4. And one of the things we've got to make sure that we do is anything.
5. We're making the right decisions to bring the solution to an end."

And he goes on from there, banging out 15 more Bush quotes before, finally, pointing out that the StormWatch president -- brace yourselves -- isn't real:

"The President in the Wildstorm Universe was one Patrick Kent. NOT GEORGE W. BUSH. Do you see a strange resemblance between Patrick Kent, a Klansman murderer and George W. Bush? I certainly didn't intend one. It's very telling that you think that I could possibly be insinuating this about George W. Bush. In fact, it kinda says that YOU secretly suspect such things could be true of Bush because I certainly went out of my way to avoid using Bush's name or actual words."