Monday, May 10, 2004

Brand flakes: At Ninth Art, Paul O'Brien tries to decipher DC Comics' imprint formula:

"DC loves imprints. Unfortunately, it's not always clear that DC knows what they're for. Even outside WildStorm, things tend to get a bit blurry. Most people have a reasonable fair idea of what Vertigo's meant to represent, but a curious muddle of mature readers comics bearing a normal DC Bullet logo has sprung up around the edges. It's perhaps understandable that FALLEN ANGEL has been bracketed with the superhero comics, but LIGHT BRIGADE? A 'war and horror' series featuring angels in World War II? Is there a single good reason why that wasn't in the Vertigo imprint? It's not even a marginal case -- it's the sort of premise a Random Vertigo Miniseries Generator would come up with."