Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The price is right: uses the announcement of Barnes & Noble's 992-page hardcover Ultimate Spider-Man "Limited Edition" to its own advantage -- by offering the original three-volume hardcover set for the same price. Silver Bullet Comic Books has the press release:

"That’s three separate hardcover books, each printed on glossy stock paper in over-sized, but practical, dimensions. The artwork is clearly seen in all its glory, not manipulated to fit a freakish monstrosity, with pages stuffed into a cavernous spine that prevents true savoring of spectacular Marvel art. As Marvel continues to release each new volume of Ultimate Spider-Man separately, your bookshelf collection will dazzle with its sequentially numbered organization. And your health will remain intact while reading these fine stories, as the 3-Volume Set will not in any way inhibit blood flow to the chest or leg regions."