Wednesday, May 19, 2004

To be continued: At Silver Bullet Comic Books, "The Panel" is asked whether "indefinitely ongoing series" are necessary, or should stories be more contained, as miniseries or one-shots. Dark Horse editor Scott Allie has an interesting response:

"Fans seem to like ongoing series, readers have been brought up on them, and they still sell better than anything else. In my life, a given series begins and ends when I start to and then cease to read it, but plenty of people want to stick with characters or a title for a long, long time. Questions like this, I think, stem from the comics' industry's self-loathing attitude that we should be doing it like whatever other medium we're trying to dryhump at the moment. DVDs, film? They're comics, and they evolved out of periodicals, and they're mostly still periodicals. My personal reading tastes gravitate toward series with beginnings and ends, but I don't look down my nose at an issue in the triple digits if it's well done."