Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Spawn, reborn: (subscription required, I think) reports that Todd McFarlane plans to bring back Spawn: The Animated Series, and develop at least two more animated projects with new partner IDT Entertainment:

"Since the day the last show aired, not a day goes by when someone doesn't ask when 'Spawn' is coming back. I was at the point where I was either going to do it myself or find a partner. Now, with IDT, I'll be able to bring the ideas, coupled with a company that owns an animation house that everyone is familiar with."

The original Spawn cartoon ran on HBO for 18 episodes over three seasons before the cable network pulled the plug, in part, because of the cost of running an animated division. McFarlane told Variety he'll start by approaching HBO about the new series, "and then work our way down."

IDT recently announced it had signed a deal with Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment to co-produce and distribute animated projects.