Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Reflections on Demo: As Demo reaches its halfway point, Newsarama checks in with co-creator Brian Wood about what he and artist Becky Cloonan have accomplished, and where they're heading with the final six issues:

"I didn¹t go into this trying to teach anyone anything. These are ideas and stories I want to explore and talk about for my own benefit, and hopefully give people some things to think about. There are no morals, or life lessons to be learned, because I think each person will feel differently about each issue depending on who they are. Most emails I receive from readers start off with some variation on 'I felt this issue stronger than others because...' or 'This one didn¹t speak to me the same way as the previous one...' and that¹s ok. Some people just don¹t 'get' a certain issue, and others will pour their hearts out to be in email for three pages after reading one."

Brian also gives brief summaries of Issues 8-12.