Sunday, July 04, 2004

Astonishing tales: The San Francisco Chronicle reviews Tales to Astonish: Jack Kirby, Stan Lee and the American Comic Book Revolution:

"Kirby introduced black characters to comics, helped create the romance comic book and at least co-fashioned the image of the troubled superhero. He was profoundly influenced by his combat experience in World War II. His emphasis on action in such Marvel titles as Thor, Sgt. Fury and the Fantastic Four shifted the paradigm from the noble, one-dimensional superheroes of DC Comics' Superman and Batman to the conflicted, complex and collegial characters of today. His style found musical echo in the kinetic heavy metal of Glenn Danzig, who eulogized Kirby at his funeral in 1994. (Besides the cover art, Tales to Astonish doesn't feature examples of Kirby's style, which is unfortunate, because with Kirby, pictures speak far louder than words.)"