Thursday, July 08, 2004

Bad break-up: Dabel Brothers Production's split with Devil's Due Publishing apparently wasn't as positive as the original press release would have us believe. Today, Devil's Due issued a response, alleging a breach of contract:

"Within the last month DBPro stated that it was interested in altering the legal and binding contract between Devil’s Due Publishing Inc. and DBPro. Unable to reach an agreement regarding renegotiated terms, Devil’s Due Publishing Inc. informed DBPro that it would not agree to alter the original contract. DBPro then chose to unilaterally issue a press release announcing the termination of the relationship between Devil’s Due Publishing Inc. and DBPro.

"Devil’s Due Publishing, Inc. has previously informed Dabel Brothers that under the Agreement executed last October, Dabel Brothers does not have the legal right to unilaterally terminate the existing Contract. Devil’s Due has lived up to its obligations, and trusts that the parties will be able to resolve this unfortunate misunderstanding. In the interim all joint projects with Dabel Brothers will be will be put on hold, while Dabel Brothers projects already produced will continue to be sold."