Wednesday, August 11, 2004

It ain't easy being green: According to the Animal Concerns Community website, the nonprofit group is searching for volunteers to survey attendees at this weekend's Wizard World Chicago about shifting the comics industry toward the use of "post-consumer recycled paper." This, of course, would mean a price increase:
The Activism Center at Wetlands Preserve is current in the research phase of a "Greening the Comics Industry" campaign, intended to shift the comic book industry towards the use of post-consumer recycled paper.

We are currently conducting a comic book readers' survey to gauge interest in and support for this shift and to determine if comic fans would support a price increase to make this possible.

Wizard World Chicago, a major comic book convention to be held August 13th through 15th, will be an ideal place to reach a large number of comics consumers in one place in a short time. We are looking for volunteers who can attend the convention, approach attendees with a clipboard and survey forms and ask them to take the survey (takes about one minute). The survey explains itself, so you won't need to answer lots of questions.
I'm sure they'll get enthusiastic support from comics fans.