Monday, August 09, 2004

Wildcats post-mortem: Also at Silver Bullet Comic Books, Brandon Thomas and Joe Casey play "What Might've Been" with Wildcats: Version 3.0:

"Issue #25 basically picked up six months after the end of Coda War One and a lot had changed with many of the characters. The corporate angle was going to explode as we incorporated more politics into the mix. The Presidential elections would’ve played a big part in the book, just as they were occurring in the real world. The technology we’d been developing over the course of the run, the cars, the energy source, etc. was finally going to make the global impact that longtime readers always predicted it would. In fact, I’m not entirely sure we’d have been able to get away with the ending to our run as I’d envisioned it. It was a whole new way of looking at the Wildstorm Universe and there’s always a chance that editorial will resist things like that. So, maybe we’ve all actually been spared enormous amounts of pain …"