Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Reviving the IPC stable: UK's Alien Online follows the route taken by the old IPC/Fleetway characters from relative obscurity to their revival in the upcoming six-issue miniseries by Alan Moore, Leah Moore, John Reppion and Shane Oakley. Here's Wildstorm's Scott Dunbier:

"Alan did a very inventive plot for the miniseries that the IPC group was very pleased with, and we're going to move ahead from there. Alan's story will bring things up to date – it will acknowledge things that happened in the past, and bring it to the modern day. When we first started talking about this, from the very beginning, Alan wanted to write this with Leah. Basically, it will be Leah, John, and Alan, and the different camps will be throwing ideas back and forth and working on it all. From talking to Alan, it seems like this will be a much closer collaboration than some of his other collaborations have been. That's my impression now, but we'll see what happens."