Monday, December 20, 2004

Cover Artists of the Year (Part 2)

And so concludes my list of whom I consider the 20 Cover Artists of the Year. (The list is in alphabetical order; for Part 1 and for a lengthier-than-necessary explanation of what this all means, go here.)

Later in the week, I'll post other, individual outstanding covers from 2004.

Alex Maleev
for his work on Daredevil

Marcos Martin and Alvaro Lopez
for their work on Green Arrow

Tara McPherson
for her work on Thessaly: Witch For Hire and The Witching

Sean Phillips
for his work on Sleeper, Legends of the Dark Knight and Hawkman

Eric Powell
for his work on The Goon

Frank Quitely
for his work on Bite Club and Books of Magick: Life During Wartime

Jim Rugg
for his work on Street Angel

Tim Sale
for his work on Detective Comics, Catwoman: When In Rome and Grendel: Devil's Reign

Kelsey Shannon
for his work on Batman Adventures

Andi Watson
for his work on Love Fights