Thursday, December 02, 2004

December in Tartsville

The December edition of Sequential Tart is up, with the usual mix of interviews, feature articles and commentaries. Highlights include:
  • "13 Questions" with the legendary Len Wein
  • A Q&A with Wet Moon creator Ross Campbell
  • A summary of Disney's purchase of CrossGen's assets, focusing on Abadazad
  • A spotlight on Slave Labor Graphics, which editor-in-chief Jennifer de Guzman contends offers more than just Lenore and GloomCookie: "I would call us eclectic. I can't deny that the Goth titles are a big part of our line, but if you look at all of our titles ... there's a lot more there. You hear that, people? There's a lot more!" There's also a "Pro-Roundtable" in which creators like FSc, Scott Mills, Serena Valentino and Evan Dorkin talk about working with Slave Labor.
  • A rundown of promising "all-ages" titles scheduled for a 2005 release
And that's just for starters.