Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Following the money with Marvel's Peter Cuneo

Marvel Enterprises vice chairman Peter Cuneo talks movies, money and comic books research and development in the first two installments of a five-part interview with The Motley Fool:
"From a profitability point of view, about 20%, 15-20% of our earnings come from the comic book business. The comic book business of course is very important to us. Not only is it highly profitable. We have about a 35% profit margin on our comic book business and growing very nicely if you look at our track record. But also this is our R&D function. This is where we try out new characters, where we ... rework, re-cosmetize, if you will, other older characters, and try to see what kind of story lines work and so on. The nice thing about the comic book business is, and we publish over 60 titles every month, is we can experiment here and really actually lose very little or no money."