Friday, February 11, 2005


I'm not really in a blogging mood this morning, so I'll leave you with a handful of links:

NYU's student newspaper, Washington Square News, explains "why superheroes suck on screen."

Tokyopop announces the release of six new titles in July (including the previously mentioned Beck).

IDW Publishing is releasing an intriguing 320-page Ashley Wood sketchbook, Sencilla Fanta (cover at left), in April. Retail price: $40.

PopMatters considers the aesthetics of hardcover editions.

Russia's St. Petersburg Times spotlights an exhibit of Russian comics artists at the French Institute.

The Sarasota, Fla., Herald-Tribune discovers Lemon Bay High School's Anime Club.

ICv2 reports that Hayao Miyazaki will receive the Golden Lion for career achievement at the Venice Film Festival in August. He'll be the first director of animated films, and the first Japanese director, to be given the honor.

At The Pulse, Tom Spurgeon talks
to Floyd County (Ga.) District Attorney Leigh Patterson about the Gordon Lee case, and gets some details on a previous conviction.

At The Beat, Heidi MacDonald has the scoop on new Senior VP Stephanie Fierman's restructuring of DC Comics' sales and marketing divisions. Heidi also reports that former Harris Publications editor Maureen McTigue has joined iBooks.

Alan David Doane visually details "100 Things I Love About Comics" (dialup users be warned). Next week: interpretive dance!

And lastly, here's one of those links that everyone else probably knows about, but I only now discovered (thanks to Funnybook Musings): Rob Helmerichs' The Trade Paperback List, an exhaustive database of collected editions, with plot summaries and a rundown of which issues are included in each trade.