Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Q&A: 'Teenagers From Mars' writer Rick Spears

At PopImage, Rick Spears discusses Gigantic Graphic Novels, a sequel to Teenagers From Mars, and response to the original book:
We knew the book worked and we were confidant that if we could get it out to the kids and find the right audience we’d be okay. There was one brief moment of doubt right as I paid that first fat printing bill. A sort of uh, "maybe all those publishers that rejected us were right and we’re crazy," but it was too late at that point. But we got the book out and it was mainly good word of mouth that sold the issues. I can’t tell you how many orders I’ve gotten from kids who tell me they lent the books to a friend only to have the “friend” keep/steal them and now the kid needs to order new ones. So, if anything I’d say the response has been better than we ever expected.