Monday, February 28, 2005

Quesada: OGNs 'don't make fiscal sense for us'

Update from Saturday: Comic Book Resources has a more extensive quote from Joe Quesada's MegaCon panel, which seems to indicate a significant change in Marvel's plans for the development of original graphic novels.
Original graphic novels are a weird thing. They don't make fiscal sense for us at Marvel. Let's say Joe Straczynski has a 200-page story. We could put it out as a graphic novel and it will only sell limited numbers, but if we have broken it down to singles over six to eight months, we would make a significant amount of money and we put it out as a trade and make money from it again, then as a hardcover and we make money again. Also, not everyone can afford 50 bucks and then the work is not getting exposed, only people with enough bank can get the thing.
In December, Marvel announced its earlier hiring of former Tokyopop editor Mark Paniccia as senior editor, saying he would "spearhead original graphic novel development."