Wednesday, March 02, 2005

March in Tartsville

The March edition of Sequential Tart has been posted, with the usual mix of interviews, reviews and commentary. Among this month's highlights:

Dean Haspiel talks about Billy Dogma, and working with Harvey Pekar.

El Muerto creator Javier Hernandez discusses going Hollywood.

Michelle Tea discusses Rent Girl and other projects.

Dark Horse editor Scott Allie plugs his favorite comics, and goes behind the scenes with the upcoming Book of the Dead.

Rumor monger Rich Johnston answers 13 Questions.

Blogger Jason Kimble confesses to killing comics, and he tells where the bodies are buried.

A roundtable of pros considers "gateway" comics -- those series that are most accessible to new readers. Participants include Kurt Busiek, Andy Diggle, Jai Nitz, Dave Roman, Anne Timmons and Marv Wolfman.