Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Q&A: Dan Slott

Toon Zone talks with writer Dan Slott about Spider-Man/Human Torch, The Great Lakes Avengers, the return of She-Hulk, and standalone stories versus writing for the trade paperback:
I think it’s important for comics to give you a full unit of entertainment. If it takes six issues to tell one story, I don’t have a problem with that — as long as each of those six chapters are chock-full of great moments, rich characters, and clever beats. I believe that when you put any comic down, you should feel that you’ve had a “full meal” and not a “light snack.”

Seriously, these things cost $2.99! That’s a lot! For the price of 3 comics, you could go to a movie. For the price of 6, you could take a date. (No popcorn, though). When you fork over your three bucks, I feel it’s my job to entertain you-- but it’s my duty to make sure you don’t feel ripped-off. I owe you my all. Not to just put out a comic you’ll read — but one you’ll want to RE-READ too!