Thursday, March 17, 2005

Tokyopop: 'Blame!' won't be 'censored'

Tokyopop's Luis Reyes assures Newsarama that Tsutomu Nihei's Blame! will be released in September* -- free of the "censorship" drama associated with DC/CMX's Tenjho Tenge:

"None of the pages will be censored like DC did with Ten Ten. Tokyopop does not have a reputation for censoring at all. There were two instances on the Initial D series (volumes 1 and 9) in which we partially covered something on approval from the Japanese publisher. However, since then, we have never been in the practice of censoring books with the possible exception of Tokyo Tribes, which was actually censored by the artist himself boldly as a kind of statement against the fact that otherwise we'd have to sell his book shrink-wrapped."

*Tokyopop's website lists the release date for Vol. 1 as Aug. 9; I'm not sure which is correct.