Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Yes, history DOES repeat itself (especially in comics)

Meanwhile, in his "Comics 101" column, Scott Tipton considers what for some fans is a dark chapter in comics history:
Once upon a time, one of the major comic-book publishers decided that their trademark super-hero team series was a little stale, and needed freshening up. Rather than merely bringing in a new creative team, it was decided to deconstruct the team entirely, taking away most of what had made the concept popular for decades, and replacing it with the popular trends of that particular era. However, in order to make the new concept work, there had to be some excuse for the old team to be broken up. Accordingly, a colossal threat was cooked up, one which the team would ordinarily handle quite easily, but in this case would find itself unable to deal with, particularly with its most powerful members conveniently written out of the picture. In the face of their impotence against this closely averted catastrophe (blowing up their headquarters in the process), the team members would continue to act wildly out of character and abandon the team entirely, leaving only a few members to continue on, setting up shop in an all-new HQ and recruiting new teammates that, to be honest, don’t really fit with the series’ established concept.
That's right, he's talking about the 1984 shakeup that gave us the break-dancing Vibe and the Justice League Detroit Era. What, you thought he meant something else?