Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Darwyn Cooke, on going 'Solo'

Darwyn Cooke talks to The Pulse about his turn at DC's Solo artist-spotlight series:

"I’ve always preferred the type of protagonist that is something of a loner. Slam and King are near and dear to me because of the Catwoman series and New Frontier. They are probably closest to me in terms of personality, for one reason or another. The Question has always fascinated me, as has [Steve] Ditko’s intractable philosophies. He was the perfect character for a story idea that revolved around cutting through the media clutter surrounding the 'War on Terror.'

"Bradley is bent -- but not broken -- romantic with a fierce streak. He's kind of Philip Marlowe with a switch that converts him to Mike Hammer. King Faraday is smart, amoral, and self-interested, but aware of a need for societal checks and balances. [He's] wryly cynical after a lifetime of trying to believe in Good and Evil. The Question is perfectly insane. [He's] the very definition of focus. He lives in Ditko's world where the high contrast turns even the murkiest greys into startling black and white."