Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Fabled agreement: At long last, I've found someone else who doesn't think "Fables" lives up to the hype. Take it away, Christopher Butcher:

"Bill Willingham takes over Robin! I guess I’m the only person who finds FABLES really mediocre (with some hideous art and colouring…). I haven’t really commented on it because Christ, I really don’t need to go picking any more fights, but the covers are easily the best thing about this series. I say this having read both trade paperbacks, a smattering of single issues, and the LAST CASTLE one shot. I read these reviews of the series that tell me how it affected the reviewer, and I read the book and yeah, I can see how plot-point-A is meant to generate emotional reaction-B in preparation for pay-off-C, but…? Leaves me entirely cold. So, yeah, sorry. Not my thing, but it’s not like I don’t recommend 10 other good books in this column…"

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