Tuesday, December 23, 2003

"Super-cool" conspiracy: Why has no one told me about Comics Conspiracy? Is it a conspiracy of silence? How can a publisher with this lineup be such a well-kept secret? Here's my favorite:

A secret global peacekeeping force, super knockout spy chicks, and futuristic technology all thrust into the midst of American pop culture... Can these sexy super-spies stop lotteries, fast food, and mind-numbing game shows from destroying us?

Based on the super-cool motion picture, now in production. For decades B.A.B.E. FORCE has battled corrupt dictators, mad scientists and evildoers everywhere. These modern day amazons have secretly upheld peace and justice around the globe.

At the dawn of the new millennium, the world faces a new kind of danger! From professional wrestlers gone bad, to the explosion of membership-only discount food superstores, consumers are under siege! Suburbia is the new battlefield.

Oddly, Doug Miers appears to write all the books in the Comics Conspiracy lineup.