Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Behind the curtain: Also at Newsarama, Patrick Neighly talks about comics distribution and advertising with retailers Brian Hibbs, Robert Scott and Amanda Fisher, and blogger and Previews Review honcho Christopher Butcher:

"Mainstream comics are remarkably consistent, and outside of a few specific creator changes or big releases, the book's going to sell next month what it sold last month. In the back half, though, there's a lot of new product all the time. A lot of occasionally solicited books, mostly material that doesn't get much attention from Diamond or the 'news' sites. It requires a great deal more attention than the same-old, and that necessity is compounded by the fact that many of our competitors don't really pay attention to it at all: It's not where they choose to focus their time or resources."

It's an interesting interview, perfect reading for anyone curious about comics distribution, solicitation and ordering.