Monday, August 02, 2004

Reign of Terra: At Silver Bullet Comic Books, Tim O'Shea chats with Terra Obscura's Peter Hogan:

O’Shea: "In an industry where controversy over one character or relationship can sometimes overwhelm and negatively impact an overall strong story, did you fear the lesbian relationship between the Fighting Yank and Ms. Masque might derail readership reaction to the series?"

Hogan: "No, not at all. We didn’t make them gay for shock value or to court controversy – we did it because it made sense within the framework of the story. As in Top Ten, with that many characters it seemed logical that at least one of them would be gay – if statistics are to be believed we’re talking about 10% of the population, after all. It didn’t even occur to me that that would put any readers off, this being the 21st century … but if it has, then that’s pretty small-minded of them.

"And I was surprised that a lot of people seemed to find the ending kiss between Carol and Diana a shock, as I thought we’d made it pretty obvious throughout that something was developing between them … but perhaps I was just too subtle. We’ll see a bit more of the girls’ relationship this time around, though Tim is also trying to win Diana back again."