Monday, August 02, 2004

Spanning the blogoverse: At Ninth Art, Hector Reeder fires a few broad shots across the bow of the comics blogosphere:
Right... But seriously, why is the comics blogosphere even dignified with a name? What do they actually do?
Mainly ground level, reactive criticism; reviews; critiques; and linking to things of interest.

Such as?
Well, mostly each other. Wherein they analyse each others' opinions about the importance of Gwen Stacey's death after the End of History. Or something.

So it's all superhero stuff, then? Shhh!
...What? They're a little touchy about that one. And it's not entirely accurate, anyway. Every blog is as individual as its creator, dealing with a slightly different array of work... Though, speaking generally, most blogosphere writers definition of "everything" does gravitate heavily around the skin-tight flying folk.

Now hang on, didn't they all recently spend pages and pages talking about Dan Clowes' EIGHTBALL #23? Have you read EIGHTBALL #23?
Erm... No. It's the one with a superhero.

Ah. So do they cover anything else?
Well, lots of AIT/Planetlar stuff.

Any particular reason?
A good way of deciding whether a new media outlet is gaining acceptance is whether the industry starts actually treating them like an outlet worth taking time over. And slowly but surely, publishers are actively courting blogs. AiT/Planetlar is very much ahead of the curve, here, recently giving exclusive images for their 2004-2005 line to a number of prominent comics blogs. Cue huge amounts of buzz, heat, word-of-mouth viral infection and other exciting marketing gobbledigook.
Ah, let the round-robin blogging/Ninth Art Forum games begin ...