Thursday, October 07, 2004

Canadian cliffhanger: CBC News' Dan Brown wonders whatever happened to Richard Comely's Captain Canuck, and finds his answer in the newly published Holy War:

"When we last left the intrepid crime fighter, he had jumped into an alien time machine to dodge certain death. Unfortunately for the red-and-white costumed do-gooder, his escape route turned out to be a one-way ticket to the past and, since the comic book named after him stopped publishing shortly thereafter, in 1980, he has remained stranded there ever since.

"This may not bother anyone else. I'll grant you that it isn't one of The Great Questions of our Time, but it matters to me. In fact, in my mind Captain Canuck's unresolved fate may be the greatest cliffhanger in Canadian history. You see, I was a devoted fan of Captain Canuck when I was a kid."