Tuesday, December 21, 2004

More McFarlane news

I missed this yesterday, but Tom Spurgeon has a good analysis/roundup of the Todd McFarlane Productions bankruptcy filing. Spurgeon looks at potential for "backlash," and asks a couple of good questions.

On his blog, Neil Gaiman addresses what effect the bankruptcy may have on the Gaiman v. McFarlane decision:

"My understanding is that it only marginally affects me, as the court judgment on the copyright violations was against both TMP and Todd personally, and he's not personally bankrupt, so that's where we would collect from. Now that Todd's primary appeal process is over (and he lost) we're waiting for the final accounting to figure out how much Todd owes, and for the judgment to then be made final. It may be the TMP bankruptcy will slow that up a bit, but, I'm told, probably not too much..."

Update: Todd McFarlane Productions has issued an official statement about the bankruptcy:

"The filing does not involve and will have no impact on McFarlane Toys, one of the nation’s largest toy action figure manufacturers, or any of the other companies in which Todd McFarlane is an officer.

"TMP International Inc. (doing business as McFarlane Toys); Todd McFarlane Entertainment, which helps create animated programming, feature films and other products; and Image Comics, publisher of various comic books, were also defendants in the St. Louis case, but the jury found all three innocent of the charges. All companies will continue business as usual.

"'Only one company is involved in this action, and it will continue to operate and create comics,' said McFarlane, chief executive officer of Todd McFarlane Productions. Filing for protection under Chapter 11 will enable Todd McFarlane Productions to propose a plan of reorganization while its appeal of the judgment to the Missouri Court of Appeals proceeds. The company will continue to produce comic books, without impact on any customers, partners or fans. "