Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Manga publisher Studio Ironcat shuts down

Via Anime News Network comes word that Virginia-based manga publisher Studio Ironcat has closed. The following message is posted on the company website:
We regret to inform you of the closure of Studio Ironcat, LLC. We would like to thank everyone who has supported Ironcat over the years, including fans, former and current staff, business partners, the Japanese and American artists, friends, family and our convention families!

Studio Ironcat, LLC was a small, independent publisher that endeavored to advanced Japanese manga in North America for the past seven years. Although we had a great run at the start, thanks to support from manga fans, we've had a rough road the last couple of years. We've enjoyed our time in the publishing industry, but we feel that we must move on to other endeavors.
Founded in 1998, Ironcat translated and published such titles as Vampire Princess Miyu and Futaba-kun Change! in North America. The company had experienced a series of financial and employee problems over the past couple of years.