Thursday, March 03, 2005

Grant Morrison's a 'motherfreakin' storytelling machine'

In Los Angeles City Beat, Natalie Nichols pens an ode to the evil genius of Grant Morrison:
... Beyond being brain-teasers, his stories have a lasting emotional effect, and that's why I hate him. His latest miniseries for DC's Vertigo imprint -- Seaguy (with artist Cameron Stewart), We3 (with Frank Quitely), and the new sci-fi/fantasy adventure Vimanarama (with Philip Bond) -- plunge you into weird worlds that are nevertheless startlingly human, emphasizing love, loyalty, enlightenment, and trust -- usually by making you endure loss and menace. Morrison and his artists come up with some pretty gruesome stuff, but the violence doesn't bother me nearly as much as having to care about, say, Seaguy's sidekick Chubby, a cigar-chomping talking tuna who hates water. Terrible things happened to Chubby, and I'm still not over it. (Hate him!)