Thursday, January 27, 2005

Peter Cuneo and The Motley Fool, Takes 3 & 4

The Motley Fool continues its five-part conversation with Marvel vice chairman Peter Cuneo, who talks a little more about the box office:
David Gardner: One more question for you as we look at the movie landscape for 2005. You have to have your eye a little bit on DC Comics' Batman character. Batman has a movie coming out that I am sure they are hoping is a big deal this summer. Are you rooting for the success of Batman, or is that your direct competitor and you are rooting against them?

Peter Cuneo:
I don't think we have a point of view on that. I think that there is room for everybody as long as the creative content is quality. It is all about quality. If there are no quality fantasy movies put out in a year, then in fact you will have a lot of failure. If everybody is putting out quality films, there will be a lot of success. We don't view it as competition on the movie side. It is all about just making a quality film.
Update: Part Four has been posted, with Cuneo chatting about difficult decisions, his reputation as a turnaround specialist, and his other business interests.