Thursday, January 27, 2005

Profile: Bryan Lee O'Malley

In Toronto's Eye Weekly, Guy Leshinski talks to Bryan Lee O'Malley about Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life:
Seated at a booth at Kalendar, his radiant sketchbooks spread open on the table, O'Malley looks every inch the modern cartoonist. He even resembles Optic Nerve artist Adrian Tomine, with his black-framed glasses and Asiatic features. The restaurant is an old haunt where much of Scott Pilgrim took shape. "I did a lot of writing for the second book downstairs in the kitchen," O'Malley says, flipping his portfolio to a page of doodles for the series' next volume, due out this winter. "I'd be scribbling dialogue and sketches in my sketchbook. People would walk into the restaurant and I'd sneak away to draw their outfits, their shoes, their hairstyles."