Thursday, January 27, 2005

Quiet Moments In Comics History (Part 2)

Ever wonder what Aquaman and his young ally, Aqualad, do when they're not fighting Black Manta or Ocean Master or, uh, Black Manta?

They spend a "relaxing morning at their chores," of course!

Aquaman No. 1 (Jan.-Feb. 1962) opens on a perfect quiet moment, as the superhero and his faithful sidekick cheerfully tidy their undersea lair with the help of Topo the feather-dusting octopus, a few anglerfish, and a sawfish that appears resigned to a fate of hacking through a ship's hull.

The sea king seems a little perturbed that his career has kept him from more important things -- namely, housekeeping: "I've been meaning to saw away the ragged edges of this old ship's figurehead for a long time ..."

Aqualad, meanwhile, feigns interest: "Uh-huh ... And it's time I assembled this dinosaur fossil for our private museum."

Luckily, he only has two more years until the Teen Titans form. Then he's so out of here.

But the best part of the scene is the caption in Panel 2 (shown at left): "Suddenly, strange things start to happen ..."

I suppose when you have a feather-dusting octopus and a man using a large fish as a power tool, "strange" is a relative term.