Thursday, March 03, 2005

Q&A: James Jean

At PopImage, Jonathan Ellis talks with artist James Jean about his influences, Process Recess, and how he creates those wonderful covers:
I'll receive a script or abstract from my editor, and after absorbing that information I'll start sketching on regular bond paper. After a bunch of thumbnails I'll fold a piece of 8.5 x 11" bond paper in half and start working on a refined sketch. After that's done, I'll scan it and send it in for approval. Once it's approved, I'll blow-up the sketch on my printer and transfer it onto Bristol board with a light-box or printmaking paper with wax-free transfer paper. After the final drawing is finished, I'll scan it into the computer and colour it in Photoshop. And, "Viola!" it's done. Somewhere in between those steps is a lot of paint, sweat, cursing, and serene contemplation of colour.