Saturday, December 04, 2004

Hudlin: Black Panther's no 'hip-hop hero'

Writing for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Michael Sangiacomo talks with director Reginald Hudlin about his plans for the relaunched Black Panther -- which don't include turning the character into a "hip-hop hero": "That would be the worst thing I could do and would be the last thing I would do."
Hudlin's first six issues will put the Panther against six powerful villains, including his age-old enemy, Klaw, and an old Spider-Man foe, the Rhino.

"I just had to show the Rhino going up against a real rhino," he said. "I'll also have the Black Panther hanging out with other black Marvel characters, like Luke Cage. Imagine, a king hanging out with a superstrong ex-convict like Luke Cage. It will be like Denzel Washington hanging out with Ice Cube."

The new series, featuring art by John Romita Jr., debuts in February.