Friday, December 03, 2004

Sean Phillips on 'Sleeper,' style and 'Black Sails'

At Newsarama, Alan David Doane has "Five Questions" for Sean Phillips:

"My style usually changes because of the demands of the story, but also I can't help but be continually influenced by everything I see, be it in comics or film or fine art. I'd hate to get to a point where I thought I'd learnt everything I needed to to make comics, and my work just stagnated. Nowadays, change is more gradual, but hopefully it will always be forthcoming. Most every morning it feels like I've forgotten how to draw overnight and will have to fake it again another day. My next project with Ed [Brubaker], a mini-series called Black Sails for IDW, will be painted, but hopefully different to anything I've painted before. No idea how different, though, as Ed's still writing it. I'm sure the story will inspire me to try something new, different but unfortunately very difficult and time consuming."